Hurricane Irma

Like many Floridians, I have finally arrived at the time I will now call "Post-Irma Days."  Though, at the time of this writing, many around the state are still without power, my family and I are fortunate to have had the power restored on the fourth day after the storm.

Irma was hard to predict, hard to anticipate, and hard to live through.  The hype on any given meteorological event can sometimes be blown up beyond realistic expectations, so it's difficult to know how to prepare, or when to evacuate.  We chose to hunker down, not over-react, prepare for possibilities, and do it all without losing our cool and being so self-centered as to not see our fellow man beside us. That was sometimes a difficult thing, when people lined up at every gas station, sometimes around a block, or for half a mile, and filled, not only their SUVs, but every possible gasoline holding container they could find.  And that's not even describing the simple amount of over preparation some do when it comes to water and bread.  

We went to the store to be sure to have a few things on hand that we could prepare beforehand, or eat cold, and even the basics were simply nowhere to be found.  Now, I realize that people went without power - we did! - but, remembering that there are more people who need the same things for the same amount of time would have been the best route for some to take.  But, I can't complain about the human spirit totally- countless individuals were on rescue teams, clean up and even travelled miles fro other states to help restore power - and continue to do so!  Many, many thanks to each one who lent a hand and took care of those in need!

ME?  I tried to keep those in my household feeling safe and secure, even without power for 3 days, and we even concocted a makeshift fire-pit to cook on one evening after the winds and rains left!  Oh yeah, importantly for a musician, I had my acoustic guitar with me and could play for countless hours, and even wrote 3 new songs.  Let's face it - I love sitting at the computer with all my toys and plug-ins, synths and electric guitars and making music - but, songwriting is about having something to say and a vehicle to say it in.  So, with a yellow paper legal pad, my trusty "Minions" pen, my acoustic guitar and a few ideas, chords and melodies floating around in my head, I began some new song ideas and then completed them, and they are now ready to be put to "tape".

I read somewhere recently that, "sometimes you must hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to gain, because most of life's greatest lessons are learned through pain."  I guess that is often true, and I do know that struggle does produce character.  In the arts, struggle often produces good work, too.  I'm looking forward to all that come from this time.