Music Video: The Final Edit

With hours and hours of video taken, hundreds of photos posed for in several locations, and an unplugged concert under my belt, I returned home to Florida.  There, I would work hard at completing the album and get it out to Bentley Records for distribution.

And Jeremy's work, or labor of love, began.

I thought it would be a long time coming, as he was in the middle of doing his regularly scheduled video editing, doing my video as an extra project.


He was excited and in what seemed like only hours after I got home (OK, it was days, but still!), I got a call from Jeremy saying that a first rough edit was done and that he’d like me to see it.  MAN!  That was fast!

I have a feeling this guy works the way I do:  Demos are more an “almost final, I just need to tweak a few things” entity than a rough draft.

The first cut of the video blew me away!  I watched it several times, calling in my wife (then fiancé) Kerrie to take a look.  I mean, here it was.  ME.  In a music video.  And that’s MY song!  (Cue angels singing, light shining from above…)

I called Jeremy after the initial awe wore down (who’s kidding, I am STILL in awe) and we discussed it a bit.  We didn’t see some things eye to eye, nor could we each understand each others vision, but we listened to each other, again, respecting the artist in us, and came to some edit decisions.  In the end, I know he is very happy and proud of his work, and I am ecstatic!