Everything's Alright: The Lyrics

I’ve already said it several times. With me, most songs start as both chords and melody with some sort of lyric.


It is true of this song, too.

As Christianna and I sat strumming the opening chord together, I was talking to her.  I explained that from here, playing a chord you can start to sing, and it can be whatever you want to sing, about whatever you want to say.

And I sang…

“We’re sitting here playing our guitars together, simply strumming a few bars before we go to bed tonight.”

After the word “bars”  I changed chords and really messed her up playing, but I think she got the picture…

After a while of strumming a singing the same line over and over, I sent my daughter off to bed,  I returned to my studio and finished writing the song.


At the time, I really need the reminder.  Still do.  Sometimes, in the midst of the storm, in spite of the rage of the world, relationships, money issues, and such, everything in life lines up and is alright.

Ooo, everything’s gonna be alright!