Everything's Alright: The Music

Here I am, sitting in my home studio, working on some music, really not knowing where I am going.  The frustrating days of marriage and life piling up all around me.  The year is 2007.


My youngest daughter, Christianna, around 11 years old at the time, is finally learning to play guitar.  She’s toyed with it off and on for a while, and now, after a woodshed day of making her hands place chords on the neck of the guitar, and pounding out Johnny Cash songs from charts on the internet, she can actually sit with me and we can strum a bit together.

And that is the basis of the song. 

The lyrics really tell the story, and the story is real.

We were sitting, simply strumming a few chords before my daughter went to bed.

I cannot tell you how exciting that moment was, and how much I needed it.

Now, time for honesty.  I confused the crap out of her!

I wanted her to play her C chord while I played a G with a capo on the 5th fret, making the same chord, just a different sound.  It took a few moments of confusion, but after she understood what I was trying to do, we strummed and strummed on that chord for what seemed like an eternity!