Frustrating; The Lyrics

Pretty much from the first time I played with the chords to this song, I sang the lyric, “It’s so frustrating, just sitting here waiting for something to happen.  It’s so frustrating sitting here waiting on you.”

It was during my first marriage.  Things hadn’t been easy.  I seemed to constantly be unhappy with the way things were in life.  I was getting extremely tired of waiting, wanting more, wanting better than where I was, what my life had turned into.

Originally, after penning the whole song, I explained to my friend, Linda Mizell, that this song was my Psalm.  It was me yelling out to God that I am tired of waiting, and that I wouldn’t know what to do if He simply knocked on my door.  Maybe it is.

It has become one of my favorite songs.  Maybe it’s because it was one of the first really gritty, honest expressions I put into a song.  Anyway, I like it.  Take a listen or buy the song here.