Walk Upon The Water; The Lyrics

Honestly, most songs have a lyric and a chord pattern as its inception with me.  Such is the case of Walk Upon The Water.


As I’ve already written, I was unhappy (again) and mostly it came from never feeling quite good enough for my ex-wife.  But, it’s a strange thing, the way this worked.  In some ways and on some days, I was perfect to her, and then on others I couldn’t do anything right and it seemed she was trying to make me into the perfect man.

That is where Walk Upon The Water comes from.

I know I am not a perfect man, and quite honestly, don’t like trying to be.  It’s WAY too hard.  I’d much rather be a real man.  An honest man.


So, on the day this song was written, as a sketch, pretty much in the form as you hear it today, I was simply trying to say that “If I walked upon the water, many days from now, I could never tell you that I do not know how to…”  And that final line is really the heart cry of the whole thing “I drown in my sorrow that I do not know how to walk upon the water.”

In other words, no man can be perfect, don’t try to make him. It’s too much and it will kill him, or your relationship, or both, eventually.

After the first draft of this song, it took several years to move my life forward and away from the pressure of that feeling.  Recording the song, releasing it to the world as my declaration, means something to me.  It is me being totally honest, telling it like it is for me, not holding back, not being afraid to be not perfect...  At any rate, here's the song!