Walk Upon The Water: The Music

I had spent some time in a condo on the beach in New Smyrna Beach, FL with my wife (now ex-wife) when this song began.  It was several years ago, started as a sketch and I pretty much played and sang the entire song into my recording software one day while there.

A few years prior, I had been asked to sit in the cafe at a church I worked at, and just play guitar while people came and went during an open house.  Hadn’t really done such a thing before and wondered what to do to make it not boring.

Enter alternative tuning.

At that time, I dropped the low E string to a D and started to get an idea, and started to adjust more strings and settled in to play with my first alternate tuning.  D-A-D-F#-A-D.

Thanks to my friend Bruce Clark for that one!  Had he not asked me to play that day, I may not have done that!

Anyway, fast forward to the beach in Florida years later and you find me, upset, tired of marital issues, especially while in such a beautiful place.  I have a guitar, a laptop with audio interface and the mic and guitar input to start laying ideas down.

I strummed the opening chords of the song and started singing.  The rest, as they say, really is history.