Frustrating; The Music, Pt. 2

In all of my years as a musician, I wouldn’t have called myself a lead guitar player.  In fact, I shied away from it as much as possible early on, because I figure I’d let someone handle it who really understands lead guitar.

That is, until I no longer had someone around to play lead guitar, then the task fell to yours truly.

Enter the days of recording my songs for release, and putting myself on a deadline, recording in my home studio, and not having money and resources for others to be involved.  I did it all. (bet you didn’t know that tidbit, did you!?)

With the song Frustrating, I had the body of the song finished, just no lead, and no ideas for one, either.  I was putting off the inevitable, feeling confident that I could do it, but not having any real direction.

Then, we had serious car issues one day.  What should have been a day recording all day turned into a day running around helping someone, it taking too long, getting separated from my wife Kerrie and catching a ride home with someone else.  Then, a call saying the car won’t go into gear, followed by, you guessed it, FRUSTRATION.  Frustration that I couldn’t get to her and she couldn’t get home, and worries about the car.  And, to make matters worse, it would be several hours before I could get a ride to where she was to see what I could do.  I felt helpless.

Trying to harness the energy that I knew needed to go into the lead guitar part for this song, I strapped up my Yamaha RGX-A2, put the recorder in a loop mode, and proceeded to simply throw down 16 different and angst-filled lead parts.  The final is a composite of the best parts of all those takes, and it was not easy editing it all together!