Funny How The Time Goes By: The Lyrics


Funny how time goes by, isn’t it?


During the time I originally laid the tracks for this song, my (ex)wife had returned home and we were working at our marriage again.  But, the song was written, and I intended to finish it.

“Funny how the time goes, funny though she don’t say why she disappears, now she’s not here,” was a pretty direct statement of what had occurred.  

“Funny how the feelings go, funny thing is you don’t know, one day they’re gone, they’re moving on,” then, “ooo, ain’t it funny,” was an overtly honest statement that I never thought would make it past my (ex)wife.  But, sometimes, you HAVE to write the truth, no matter what.

Curious thing, after I had finished recording and mixing this song, it was her favorite, she thought it was THAT good.  She actually told me that she thought it was the best song I had written to date. I still am not sure she understood that it was all about her, and me, and what had occurred between us.

The words, “Funny how I just don’t know, if I can find the words to let them go, yet through my tears they’re crystal clear,” was me saying that I wanted out totally, and didn’t think I could say it, though I knew exactly what I wanted to say.  It would take another 7 years before I worked up to it…

I gotta be real honest here.  This is my favorite/least favorite song for all of what it says.

I know that a lot of people think it’s great and want me to keep it in my set list, but one day it may be time to put it away, and really move on from the past.