Will You Still Be Mine Tonight: The Music, Pt. 1

I bought my father a ukulele for Christmas one year.  Yeah, I know, strange gift. But, you see, I grew up learning to play guitar after watching that man sit around most every Sunday morning, strumming his guitar and singing old Hank Williams songs, and other songs by quintessential country artists like Johnny Cash and Roy Acuff.

During the time I was visiting mom and dad for the holidays, dad insisted I show him how to play it, since he knew some guitar, but had no idea what to do with a uke.


Of course, I had NO IDEA.  So, I looked up some details, figured it out, and we sat for a long time messing with that uke before I had to return home.  I say “we”, but really he never touched it. He let me play around with it and smiled the whole time. I’ll never forget that!

So, I returned home and had an itch.  A ukulele itch.

Guitar Center provided the best and closest place to go to buy one for myself, and I must have sat for hours, playing several ukes before deciding that I wanted a tenor uke for the tone and ease of playing.  I took it home, sat for hours and hours learning some basics, and probably driving my family mad doing so. But, I was enjoying myself with a new instrument, and with a new tool.

What’s this have to do with writing the music for “Will You Still Be MIne Tonight”?

Stay tuned, and I will tell you next time.