Will You Still Be Mine Tonight: The Music, Pt. 2

With a new tenor ukulele in hand, some newfound information and desire to use the instrument, I began playing it on a regular basis. And I mean regular!  That thing is easy to take around the house, outside, anywhere!

And, as normal, I began to play the uke like me, putting combinations of chords and strumming together in my way, especially since I was new to it.  I came up with the chords that you hear during the opening of the song, and began to whistle. Yes, whistle! It was such a happy little ditty!

I quickly realized that I needed to get this idea down and fast.


I went to my studio, turned on my Mac and opened up a new file in MOTU Digital Performer, the sequencing and recording software that I use, and laid down the basic tracks you hear in the recording.

The rest of the song took shape over several weeks, really. I wanted to stretch a bit and work the song to include some different turns.  During the turn around to the lead, I wrote a simple bridge section to include a cool synth line ending with a little motif I had begun playing on the uke.  

All things considered, though I didn’t play uke throughout the piece as the main instrument, it was THE main instrumental influence.

Probably my favorite part of the song, though, is the bass line.

I really wanted to give a nod to one of my personal heroes, Paul McCartney, and write a moving, melodic bass line to go with the lightheartedness of the song.  I worked for quite a while until I arrived at the bass part you hear in the song. Maybe I achieved what I set out to do, and maybe I didn’t. I just hope Sir Paul would approve!