Breaking Glasses: The Lyrics, Pt. 1

As I sat playing with the opening chord pattern of this song, I remember the feeling that I had when I first started seeing Kerrie, my wife.

I had left my ex-wife, and was now with a new person.  It was wonderful, but difficult.  The familiar was gone, and the though it was exciting to learn a new person, it felt a bit off somehow.  Of course, it did.  How could it not.  Everything my heart was feeling was wonderful, and everything my mind was telling me was not so...


So, I penned the opening line “When I hold you, I know that it’s not right.  I know this ain’t the place that I should spend the night.”  

I finished writing the verse and knew I had to push into a chorus.  When I played the G chord into the chorus, I had a melody, and even an idea.  That idea was that I was so tired.  But, tired of what?

Then, as I sang the words and melody, “I’m so tired of…” breaking glasses poured right out of me.  I knew this was the point and title of the song immediately.

But, what did it mean exactly?

Searching my heart and soul for while, I realized that what I had done for year after year was live a life that was not what I was when I really looked in the mirror.  Breaking glasses meant that I had busted out the mirrors image to create a new look, and one that was not me, and that I did it a lot.  I had conformed to an image of me that someone else for decades thought I was, or should be, not truly who I am.

I finished the chorus with, “I gotta choose one.  Forget the masses.  I gotta be done.”  I had come to a crossroads.